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Icm setup file

Files and Directories. • Services. • Security Settings. Step 2. Optionally, change the selections in the Delete Instance dialog box. Step 3. Click OK. See Also. Cisco ICM Setup dialog box (page 18). ICM Setup and Installation Guide Cisco Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted (1). Chapter 4: Using the ICM. 31 Aug SQL Server for use with Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) version x and x. Insert the installation disk for Microsoft SQL 7 Standard Edition to start the SQL Server setup program. . In the General tab for each database, clear the Automatically grow file (see Figure 27) check box. Platform under which this problem had been detected: Linux. ICM may hang of crash when you are trying to start an new window with a Chemical editor, or a Query. One possible reason is that for some reason the molsoft preference file in the ~/.qt directory is locked. In this case there is file which need to be deleted.

ICM configuration file. Free format # Mn stands for "Maximal Number of" # Mx stands for "Maximal Size of" BufferSpace # ICM will not let you decrease BufferSpace less than MnResidueTypes MnSequences MnAlignments MnProfiles 40 MnGrobs MnArrays MnTables MnMaps. The Location field show where the files are residing: Server: simulation is in the remote results folder; Local Machine: Simulation results are in your local results folder; empty: Simulations have been run on another computer and are in that computers local results folder;. The Service configuration file, that is the IBM Cognos ICM Windows config file, indicates how the application server will communicate with the database server.

After the IBM Cognos ICM Configuration File Encrypter tool has been installed, you can use it to encrypt settings in the IBM Cognos ICM Windows Service and Console Service configuration files. You will need to make some changes to the IBM Cognos ICM Windows Service configuration files to indicate how the application server will communicate with the database server, add the service instances, and configure each service to run on a different port. Receptor setup. Using the coordinates from the ICM-object file , we will set up the receptor molecule, position it for the simulations, and define an approximate binding site to generate the potentials around it. The receptor molecule/s ready for the simulations will be saved in the file.


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