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Etymology[edit]. My english teacher told me that the word "skull" comes from vikings who ravaged England and used human skulls as drinking glasses, saying "skål", in english "cheers", before drinking from them, thus giving the name. I haven't though found any other source to confirm that, but it would be interest to know. Black's Merc team in CoP User:LonerDeacon - Has anyone else taken a look at the rest of Black's. 10 Oct A skull is a reference to a webcomic, really? Is there any basis for this other than the (assumed) fact that there's a skull in Legend of Maxx? Retrieved from "https:// ?title=Talk:Skull&oldid=". Promotional Content.

22 Oct Can we change this from a redirect? I want to make the article about skulls being the things you can break to find items, similar to rocks. I'll be doing an overhaul on rocks here shortly and would like to be able to have links to this new article. The disambiguation page could link to Skulls, Stals, and Skeletons. A variation of talk to the hand. Done while holding up a skull stolen from a museum. 24 Mar What's the misspelling in the description? Mediggo , 22 April (UTC). If you hover the {{sic}}, you'll see. MalGalad , 22 April (UTC). Wrong description[edit]. At least now this skill is 0 to range -> 3s fear; to range -> 2s fear and to range -> 1s fear. I feex. Psycho Robot.

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